Toyota Tundra Built for Hard Labor

i-FORCE Twin Turbo V6 Engine
Fully-Boxed Steel Frame Enhanced rigidity and comfort
Toyota Safety Sense Standard safety features
Manual-leveling Headlights Standard LED

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  • 2022 Tundra

    Tundra’s modern muscle delivers exceptional power without sacrificing efficiency. Equipped to
    go the extra mile, this full-size pickup has up to a manufacturer-estimated 20 combined mpg.5 The moment you step on the gas, you’re ready for action. And you can keep on driving with confidence, knowing this truck was built with the quality, durability and reliability Toyota is recognized for.

    Electrified i-FORCE MAX powertrain

    Tundra’s available i-FORCE MAX engine applies new
    hybrid tech for more performance. By pairing the 3.5L
    Twin-Turbo V6 with an electric motor, this all-new hybrid
    engine generates an electrifying 437 horsepower with
    an amazing 583 lb.-ft. of torque. And the unique placement
    of the electric motor between the engine and transmission
    allows power to be transferred efficiently, without any lag.
    Charging up the trail or merging onto the freeway — the
    second you feel the instantaneous torque across the
    powerband, you’re ready to keep the adventure going.

    All-new i-FORCE 3.5L Twin-Turbo V6 engine

    The power at the heart of Tundra. Tundra’s all-new i-FORCE
    Twin-Turbo V6 engine delivers up to 389 horsepower and
    479 lb.-ft. of torque. And its all-new 10-speed automatic
    transmission helps you harness more power when climbing
    a muddy hill, towing a trailer, or cruising on the freeway.

    Max towing of up to 12,000 lbs.

    Its all-new powertrain, frame and suspension work together to
    give Tundra an available max towing capacity of up to 12,000 lbs.
    Whether you’re towing your trailer for a weekend getaway or
    taking the ATVs out for a spin in the desert, Tundra helps you
    haul with confidence.

    2022 Tundra

    Designed and engineered in the U.S., the all-new Tundra is our toughest, most capable, most advanced body-on-frame hauler to date.

    All-new fully boxed steel frame and
    multi-link rear suspension

    Tundra’s all-new fully boxed, high-strength
    steel ladder frame provides enhanced rigidity,
    capability and driving comfort. The rear frame
    member is widened to improve stability and
    towing capability. And for more reinforcement,
    the frame cross members are more than doubled
    in size — making Tundra the most durable
    body-on-frame hauler to come off our Texas assembly
    line. A modern suspension to match its modern
    fully boxed frame. Tundra’s all-new multi-link
    rear suspension delivers more ride comfort,
    straight-line stability and overall handling
    dynamics on the road, trail and everywhere
    in between. And with this new coil-spring
    suspension, Tundra delivers better roll damping
    and towing performance.

    New ultra-durable composite bed

    Tundra’s all-new aluminum-reinforced bed is
    composed of an ultra-durable Sheet-Molded
    Composite (SMC) surface. This strong and
    resilient bed boasts a greater impact strength
    than aluminum and acts as a shield against
    dents, impact dings and rust. Even with its max
    payload of 1940 lbs. loaded in the back, this
    rugged, high-tech bed offers added protection
    to help keep your Tundra looking good for
    years to come.

    2022 Tundra

    The most advanced Tundra ever built. Outfitted with the latest tech, Tundra features an all-new Human Machine Interface (HMI). This advanced system uses Tundra’s available 14-in. multimedia touchscreen to heighten your interaction through sight, touch and voice activation — helping you stay connected to every adventure.

    14-in. Toyota Audio Multimedia touchscreen

    Get a better view of what’s around you on Tundra’s impressive
    available 14-in. audio multimedia touchscreen. Synced up to
    multiple cameras placed around Tundra, the large interactive
    display lets you choose different views — as if you had spotters
    with you. And with the available Multi-Terrain Monitor activated,
    you can check your immediate surroundings for obstacles as
    you take on tricky terrain.

    Panoramic View Monitor

    Tundra’s available Panoramic View Monitor (PVM)
    uses cameras on the front, sides and rear of the
    truck to give you a 360-degree view of what’s
    going on outside.

    Trailer Backup Guide with
    Straight Path Assist

    Using sensors and cameras, Tundra’s available
    driver assistance technology helps keep your
    trailer in a straight line as you back up.

    Blind Spot Monitor with Trailer
    Merge Warning

    Tundra’s available Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) is
    designed to warn you when a vehicle in the next
    lane enters your blind spot on either side of the
    truck. When you engage its available Integrated
    Trailer Brake Controller (ITBC), the system
    automatically senses there’s a trailer connected,
    determines its length and activates Trailer Merge
    Warning — all without any input from the driver.
    And when you’re reversing out of a tight spot,
    available Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA) helps
    detect vehicles approaching from either side,
    warning you with side mirror indicators and a
    warning tone. Altogether, Tundra’s advanced
    safety technologies bring added peace of mind
    to every journey.

    2022 Tundra

    Tundra’s premium interior features available leather-trimmed and soft-touch materials throughout, plenty of room for friends or gear, and a driver’s seat that fits like a glove.

    Premium leather-trimmed seats

    Bring maximum comfort to wild rides. Tundra’s available
    premium leather-trimmed seats are designed with a
    wide shoulder to give you more support. And to up the
    ante on luxury, TRD Pro comes decked out with available
    red leather trim.

    Heated and ventilated seats

    Warm up on your way up the mountain. Cool down
    when you’re under the desert sun. No matter the
    climate, Tundra’s available heated and ventilated front
    and rear seats help you wander in total comfort.

    Rear-seat storage

    Tundra’s versatile rear seats flip and fold — helping
    you make space for more gear. And on available
    models, Tundra’s back seats flip up for added storage
    underneath. Thoughtfully designed, this cabin is
    ready for your next big trip.

    Power vertical rear window

    A signature Toyota feature. Tundra CrewMax features
    a standard rear glass window that raises and fully
    lowers with the push of a button. When you’re driving
    on the trail, this handy feature optimizes airflow
    inside the cabin — and gives your four-legged friend
    a better view.

    2022 Tundra

    Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Tundra’s design pays homage to Toyota’s legendarily adventurous look. Bold lines, bulging fenders and a powerful front grille hint at the capability that lives under the sheet metal and show onlookers that this truck can handle the toughest demands.

    Premium LED headlights

    High-performance, efficient LED headlights
    give Tundra a striking look. And these fully
    LED headlights feature available dynamic
    sequential turn signals, Daytime Running
    Lights (DRL) and LED low and high beams
    for better visibility and safer towing and
    hauling. In addition to Tundra’s standard
    manual-leveling headlights, its all-new
    available auto-leveling headlights stay level
    for safer towing and hauling — without
    any input from the driver.

    Distinct Platinum and
    1794 Edition styling

    Right off the bat, Tundra’s thick bumper
    interlocks with its brawny grille to create a
    strong, visceral image. Platinum’s bold
    grille — featuring dark chrome accents —
    sends a powerful message that this truck
    is a premium recreation machine. And with
    a modern Western design, 1794 Edition’s
    bright chrome grille lets everyone know
    this rugged rig rides in a league of its own.

    Sleek taillights and stamped tailgate

    Tundra’s tall and lustrous LED taillights and
    stamped tailgate featuring Tundra’s logo come
    together to form a powerful signature of force.
    And when you’re driving through town or
    merging onto the freeway, Tundra’s available
    dynamic sequential turn signal taillights add a
    touch of premium style to your every move.

    Lane Departure Alert

    Under certain circumstances, Lane Departure Alert (LDA)1 is designed to detect lane departure on roads with clear markings. LDA only activates when you’re traveling at a speed of 32 mph or faster. When you hear and see the alert, after carefully checking the road around you, you should safely direct your vehicle back to the center of your lane.

    Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

    Intended for highways and similar to “constant speed” cruise control, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)4 lets you drive at a preset speed. DRCC uses vehicle-to-vehicle distance control, which adjusts your speed, to help you maintain a preset distance from vehicles ahead of you that are driving at a slower speed. DRCC uses a front-grille-mounted radar and an in-vehicle camera to detect vehicles and their distance. If a driver is traveling slower than you, or within your preset range, DRCC will automatically slow your vehicle down without deactivating cruise control. If DRCC determines you need to slow down more, an audio and visual alert notifies you and brakes are applied. When there’s no longer a vehicle driving slower than your set speed in front of you, DRCC will then accelerate and regular cruise control will resume.

    Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection

    Using an in-vehicle camera and radar to help detect a vehicle or a pedestrian in front of you, the Pre-Collision System (PCS)5 with Pedestrian Detection6 (PCS w/PD) can help you mitigate or avoid a potential collision. If the system determines that a frontal collision is likely, it prompts you to take action using audio and visual alerts. If you notice the potential collision and apply the brakes, PCS w/PD may apply additional force using Brake Assist7. If you don’t brake in time, it may automatically apply the brakes to reduce your speed, helping to minimize the likelihood of a frontal collision or reduce its severity.

    Automatic High Beams

    Automatic High Beams (AHB)8 are a safety system designed to help you see more clearly at night—without blinding other drivers. Designed to activate at speeds above 25 mph, AHB rely on an in-vehicle camera to help detect the headlights of oncoming vehicles and taillights of preceding vehicles, then automatically toggle between high and low beams accordingly to provide the appropriate amount of light. By using high beams more frequently, the system may allow earlier detection of pedestrians and obstacles.

    1 Lane Departure Alert is designed to read lane markers under certain conditions, and provide visual and audible alerts when lane departure is detected. It is not a collision-avoidance system or a substitute for safe and attentive driving. Effectiveness is dependent on road, weather and vehicle conditions. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

    2 Drivers are responsible for their own safe driving. Always pay attention to your surroundings and drive safely. System effectiveness is dependent on many factors including road, weather and vehicle conditions. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

    4 Dynamic Radar Cruise Control is designed to assist the driver and is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving practices. System effectiveness is dependent on road, weather and traffic conditions. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

    5 The TSS Pre-Collision System is designed to help avoid or reduce the crash speed and damage in certain frontal collisions only. It is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness is dependent on many factors including road, weather and vehicle conditions. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

    6 The Pedestrian Detection system is designed to detect a pedestrian ahead of the vehicle, determine if impact is imminent and help reduce impact speed. It is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness depends on many factors, such as speed, size and position of pedestrians, and weather, light and road conditions. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

    7 Brake Assist is designed to help the driver take full advantage of the benefits of ABS. It is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Braking effectiveness also depends on proper vehicle maintenance, and tire and road conditions. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

    8 Automatic High Beams operate at speeds above 25 mph. Factors such as a dirty windshield, weather, lighting and terrain limit effectiveness, requiring the driver to manually operate the high beams. See Owner’s Manual for additional limitations and details.

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