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Maintenance Services

  • Basic Package
  • Transmission Service
  • Cooling System Flush

Brake System

  • Disc Brake Service
  • Drum Brake Service
  • ABS Diagnosis/Repair

Diagnostic and Repairs

  • Overheating
  • Misc. Leaks
  • Water Pump
  • Electrical System
  • Air Condition System
  • Misc. Belts

Engine Performance

  • Complete Tune-Up
  • Emission Diagnosis
  • Oil Leaks Diagnosed
  • Timing Belts & Chains
  • Head Gaskets

Steering and Suspension

  • Struts & Shocks
  • Rack & Pinion
  • CV Boot
  • Control Arms
  • Stabilizer Link

Keep your vehicle in Peak Performance Guam!

Basic Package

  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace engine oil filter
  • Replace oil drain gasket (as needed)
  • Reset oil life monitor
  • Tire rotation & brake inspection
  • Service air filter
  • Add Washer Solvent
  • Lubricate door hinges & locks
  • Check front & rear axle fluid
  • Check CV joints & seals
  • Reset tire pressure monitor – as needed
  • Vehicle Health Check

Toyota Service

Your vehicle represents a significant investment, and taking an active role in maintaining your vehicle will help you protect this investment. Proper maintenance will help extend the life of your Toyota and preserve its value. In addition to helping you avoid costly repairs down the road, regular maintenance will optimize your Toyota’s performance, safety, and fuel efficiency.
To determine when your Toyota requires service, follow the factory-recommended maintenance schedule which includes mileage as well as time intervals since your last service. Both intervals are equally important for properly maintaining your vehicle. Remember, all Toyota dealerships offer a broad range of parts and service support including trained Toyota technicians who have the technology at hand to provide expert care for your vehicle.

Toyota Service Technicians

To ensure that your vehicle receives top quality service and factory authorized parts, Toyota recommends having maintenance performed by an authorized Toyota Dealership. Atkins Kroll Guam’s technicians are trained experts in the maintenance and repair of Toyota vehicles. Our technicians are certified through the Toyota Certification Program which requires the completion of Toyota’s specialized state of the art training as well as rigorous exams through Toyota.

Lexus Service

Our Lexus Service Department staff is passionate about caring for the best vehicles in the world, and committed to keeping your Lexus in top performing condition. Our factory trained technicians have years of experience and will get you and your Lexus back on the road as soon as possible.

Regular service and maintenance will keep your Lexus performing at its best for years to come. Let our service professionals give your Lexus the treatment it deserves.

BMW Service

Let’s face it, there is never a convenient time to have car trouble. The Atkins Kroll BMW Service Department helps ease the frustration by providing a comfortable customer-friendly environment. From the personal care offered by one of our knowledgeable Service Advisors to the relaxing waiting area in our BMW Showroom, our goal is to make your experience as pleasurable as possible. We do that by keeping you informed, meeting promised deadlines, and notifying you of any concerns that may arise while your vehicle is in our care.

The intelligent maintenance system Condition Based Servicing (CBS) permanently monitors a myriad of factors, including oil levels and the degree of wear on individual components of your BMW. It also checks the time/mileage recommendations for fixed services and analyses this data to tell you when your next service is due. Data can be checked at a glance on your car’s Info Display in the dashboard, which automatically gives you four weeks notice when a fixed service is imminent. If a more urgent issue is found with an individual component, the ConnectedDrive system will give you more exact information on what needs a check, and provide advice on any changes to driving style that may be required to help protect against further damage.

Chevrolet Service

High quality genuine GM Parts are original equipment service parts specifically designed, made, and tested to help keep your Chevrolet vehicle running at its peak performance — after all, your vehicle is an original. It pays to keep it that way. Whether you’re restoring an old favorite or personalizing your newest vehicle, count on the right automotive parts to provide the dependability and reliability you expect from Chevrolet.

39-Point Vehicle Health Check

With our Vehicle Health Check you receive a thorough assessment of your vehicle by certified technicians. They’ll let you know if any service is necessary. Protect yourself and your automotive investment with a Vehicle Health Check today!


  • Lights: Interior & Exterior, Turn Signals, Hazard, Brake
  • Horn Operation
  • Front Wiper Blades
  • Rear Wiper Blades


  • Window Washer Reservoir
  • Coolant Reservoir
  • Coolant Protection
  • Engine Oil
  • Power Steering Reservoir
  • Battery
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid Reservoir


  • Engine Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter


  • Battery Condition
  • Battery Cables and Connections
  • Factory Spec Cold Cranking Amps
  • Actual Cold Cranking Amps

Inspect for Visual Leaks

  • Fuel System and Gas Cap Seating
  • Engine, Transmission, Transfer Case, and Brakes
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Shocks and Struts – leaks and operation

Inspect for Visual Condition

  • Belts: Engine, A/C, Accessory, and other
  • Air Conditioning Temperature
  • Exhaust System Components
  • Hoses: Radiator, Power Steering, Heater, and A/C
  • Steering Components and Linkage
  • Driveshaft, Drive Axle Boots, and U-Joints

Tire / Brake Wear

Left Front

  • Tire Tread Depth / Wear/ Pressure
  • Brake Lining

Left Rear

  • Tire Tread Depth / Wear/ Pressure
  • Brake Lining

Right Front

  • Tire Tread Depth / Wear/ Pressure
  • Brake Lining

Right Rear

  • Tire Tread Depth / Wear/ Pressure
  • Brake Lining

Tire Wear Indicates

  • Alignment Needed
  • Tire Rotation Needed
  • Wheel Balance Needed